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About Us 

Hey lovelies! 


Welcome To TUBBS,

The Unique Bath Bomb Shop.  

TUBBS was born in 2014 by me, Zoe. My mission was to create beautiful bath products that stand out from the crowd, while also being good for your skin, giving you fun, fizz & colour! For the ultimate relaxing experience. 


We all lead such busy lives now & bath time is one of those moments that you can take for yourself. Nothing beats a bit of ME time, am I right. 

Like loads of people I suffer with anxiety & I have always used baths to calm me down, cheer me up or pamper myself. Nothing beats lighting some candles, getting into that warm bath, with a beautiful fizzy bath bomb, giving off a relaxing aroma, while watching your favourite film, reading a book or listening to music. 

So that's why TUBBS was born. 

7 years later & TUBBS is helping people all over the United Kingdom to fall back in love with baths, & ultimately themselves. 

Remember Self Care IS NOT Selfish

All of our products are lovingly handmade by the TUBBS team for you. None of our products are mass produced or tested on animals, making them all unique. No 2 products are truly the same. Just like you. 

We can't wait to see all your TUBBTASTIC baths!

From Zoe & The TUBBS Team x

The TUBBS Team


Zoe AKA Me! 

 Boss Lady "Director", Creator, Designer & Maker 

Clive AKA My Dad!

Here is my wonderful Dad, Clive. the real superhero behind TUBBS. You will see him at many events throughtout the year, always smiling.! Without him TUBBS wouldn't be where it is today. 


Frank AKA Cute Factor 

Events Helper, Crowd Gatherer

& Mascot